Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) (2013/2014 Survey)

  • Jo Inchley (Creator)
  • Dorothy Bruce Currie (Creator)
  • Oddrun Samdal (Creator)
  • Taryn Young (Creator)
  • Torbjørn Torsheim (Creator)
  • Lise Augustson (Creator)
  • Frida Mathison (Creator)
  • Aixa Y Aleman-Diaz (Creator)
  • Michal Molcho (Creator)
  • Martin Weber (Sponsor)
  • Vivian Barnekow (Sponsor)



This is an aggregated dataset underlying the WHO international report on health behavior of school-aged children, published in 2016. Find it here:

HBSC teams provided disaggregated data for Belgium, United Kingdom and Denmark.
Date made available6 Apr 2016
PublisherWHO Regional Office for Europe


  • adolescents
  • HBSC
  • Europe
  • health
  • health behaviours

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