Geochemical reconstructions of Southern Ocean pH and temperature over the last glacial cycle (thesis data 1)



Research data underpinning the PhD thesis of J. Crumpton-Banks (dataset 1 of 2). The dataset consists of the following:

- .txt ReadMe file containing further information.
- .txt file containing ICPMS data for dissolution foraminifera (can be opened with any text editor).
- .zip files containing LA-ICPMS traces of foraminifera from dissolution experiments ("diss-exps") and several downcore intervals of sediment core PS1506 ("PS1506"). Data format is .txt and these files can be opened with any text editor.
- .zip file containing SEM images of downcore foraminifera from sediment core PS1506 and experimentally dissolved foraminifera from the same core (.bmp or .tiff). See ReadMe file for more information on opening files.

The data files are embargoed until 23/06/2025
Date made available23 Jun 2025
PublisherUniversity of St Andrews

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