Generation of specific inhibitors of SUMO1- and SUMO2/3-mediated protein-protein interactions using Affimer (Adhiron) technology (dataset)

  • David John Hughes (Creator)
  • Christian Tiede (Creator)
  • Natalie Penswick (Creator)
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Structures deposited in PDB ( are referred to as Adhirons and have been assigned the following identification numbers: 5ELJ (SUMO-1:S1S2D5*), 5EQL (SUMO-2:S1S2D5*), and 5ELU (SUMO-2:S2B3). *S1S2D5 is referred to as S2D5 in the PDB.
Date made available16 Nov 2016
PublisherProtein Data Bank (PDB)

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