EBLM J0555-57 photometry and RV

  • Alexander Von Boetticher (Creator)
  • Amaury H.M.J. Triaud (Creator)
  • DIdier Queloz (Creator)
  • Sam Gill (Creator)
  • Monika Lendl (Creator)
  • Laetitia Delrez (Creator)
  • David R. Anderson (Creator)
  • Andrew Collier Cameron (Creator)
  • Francesca Faedi (Creator)
  • Michaël Gillon (Creator)
  • Yilen Gómez Maqueo Chew (Creator)
  • Leslie Hebb (Creator)
  • Coel Hellier (Creator)
  • Emmanuël Jehin (Creator)
  • Pierre F.L. Maxted (Creator)
  • David V. Martin (Creator)
  • Francesco Pepe (Creator)
  • Don Pollacco (Creator)
  • Damien Ségransan (Creator)
  • Barry Smalley (Creator)
  • Stéphane Udry (Creator)
  • Richard West (Creator)



The data is composed of one TRAPPIST photometric timeseries, two EULER
photometric timeseries (one large-aperture observation of A and B components combined, one small-aperture observation of A component) and one set of CORALIE radial velocities. They provide evidence of a low mass star eclipsing EBLM J0555-57A.
Date made available2017
PublisherVizieR On-line Data Catalog
  • The EBLM project: III. A Saturn-size low-mass star at the hydrogen-burning limit

    Von Boetticher, A., Triaud, A. H. M. J., Queloz, DI., Gill, S., Lendl, M., Delrez, L., Anderson, D. R., Cameron, A. C., Faedi, F., Gillon, M., Chew, Y. G. M., Hebb, L., Hellier, C., Jehin, E., Maxted, P. F. L., Martin, D. V., Pepe, F., Pollacco, D., Ségransan, D., Smalley, B., & 2 othersUdry, S. & West, R., 1 Aug 2017, In: Astronomy & Astrophysics. 604, 6 p., L6.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    Open Access
    28 Citations (Scopus)

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