Direct condense 2: A parallel implementation of the direct condense method

  • Frank Lübeck (Creator)
  • Max Neunhoeffer (Creator)



This package contains programs to calculate "condensed modules". "Condensation" is a tool in the computational representation theory of finite groups and finite dimensional algebras: Let G be a finite group and F a field. If e is an idempotent in the group algebra FG, the map M -> Me is an exact functor from the category of right FG-modules to the category of right eFGe-modules, called "condensation". If K is a subgroup with char F prime to |K|, e = |K|^(-1) \sum_{k\in K} k is an idempotent in the group algebra FG. For the case of such an e and M being a permutation module for G, the "condensed module" can be calculated combinatorically. This package contains programs that do this.
Date made available2000
PublisherLehrstuhl für Algebra und Zahlentheorie


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