Data underpinning - Metallosupramolecular assembly of Cr and p-terphenylnitrile by dissociation of metal carbonyls on Au(111)



Metal carbonyl complexes have been widely investigated for use in heterogeneous catalysis as a method for the formation of metal clusters. However their use as a metal source for metallosupramolecular assemblies has not been widely considered. In this study, the combination of Cr(CO)6 with p-terphenylnitrile on Au(111) creates ordered 1D chains which are thermally stable up to 473 K. The bond between the nitrile linkers and metal nodes undergoes a unique π-interaction which thus far has been observed only in a small set of organometallic complexes in solution. The structure and composition of the metal organic coordination network have been elucidated and characterized using scanning tunnelling microscopy, high resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy and density functional theory calculations.
Date made available8 Jan 2016
PublisherUniversity of St Andrews

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