data underpinning "Isothiourea-Catalyzed Enantioselective Functionalisation of Glycine Schiff Base Aryl Esters via 1,6- and 1,4-additions"



The enantioselective a-functionalisation of glycine Schiff base aryl esters through isothiourea catalysis is successfully demonstrated for 1,6-additions to para-quinone methides (21 examples, up to 95:5 dr and 96:4 er) and 1,4- additions to methylene substituted dicarbonyl or disulfonyl Michael acceptors (17 examples, up to 98:2 er). This nucleophilic organocatalysis approach gives access to a range of a-functionalised a-amino acid derivatives and further transformations of the activated aryl ester group provide a straightforward entry to advanced amino acid-based esters, amides or thioesters.
Date made available24 May 2023
PublisherUniversity of St Andrews

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