Data underpinning: BPM-Matlab - An open-source optical propagation simulation tool in MATLAB

  • M. Veettikazhy (Creator)
  • A.K. Hansen (Creator)
  • D. Marti (Creator)
  • Sean Jensen (Creator)
  • A.L. Borre (Creator)
  • E.R. Andresen (Creator)
  • Kishan Dholakia (Creator)
  • P.E. Andersen (Creator)



BPM-Matlab is an open-source optical propagation simulation tool we developed in MATLAB environment for computationally efficient simulation of electric field propagation through a wide variety of optical fiber geometries using Douglas-Gunn Alternating Direction Implicit finite difference method. The validations of BPM-Matlab numerical results are provided in the article by comparing them against published data and results from state-of-the-art commercial software. The simulation tool is gratis, open-source, fast, user-friendly, and supports optional CUDA acceleration. It can be downloaded from The software is published under the terms of the GPLv3 License.
The data available here in DTU Data can be used to reproduce the figures 1-5 in the Optics Express manuscript titled 'BPM-Matlab - An open-source optical propagation simulation tool in MATLAB'. These data are generated using BPM-Matlab software except for Data_Fig1_d.mat. We suggest the user to use Matlab 2018a or newer to open and read the data.
Date made available6 Apr 2021

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