Data from: Higher songs of city birds may not be an individual response to noise



Ontogeny Min Freq Zollinger et al 2017 - Mean minimum frequency of each song type sung by each bird in the two treatment groups, with mean minimum frequencies of the 9 tutor songs.
Adult Plasticity 1 Zollinger et al 2017 - Minimum frequencies of each song type for birds singing in different noise treatments, after background noise treatments changed in adulthood.
Adult Plasticity 2 Zollinger et al 2017 - Minimum frequencies of all song types sung during 3, randomly selected 5 minute song bouts, repeated in both noise treatments
Adult Plasticity 3 Zollinger et al 2017 - Peak frequency and song amplitude in the presence and absence of noise playback in wild caught adults.
Date made available18 Jul 2017

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