Data from: Familial social structure and socially-driven genetic differentiation in Hawaiian short-finned pilot whales

  • Amy M. Van Cise (Creator)
  • Robin W. Baird (Creator)
  • Charles Scott Baker (Creator)
  • Salvatore Cerchio (Creator)
  • Diane Claridge (Bahamas Marine Mammal Research organisation) (Creator)
  • Russell Fielding (Creator)
  • Brittany Hancock-Hanser (Creator)
  • Jacobo Marrero (Creator)
  • Karen K. Martien (Creator)
  • Antonio A. Mignucci-Giannoni (Creator)
  • Erin M. Oleson (Creator)
  • Marc Oremus (Creator)
  • M. Michael Poole (Creator)
  • Patricia E. Rosel (Creator)
  • Barbara L. Taylor (Creator)
  • Phillip A. Morin (Creator)



Ttru reference sequence: Reference sequence for nuclear genome assembly from Tursiops truncatus.

SNP genotypes: Location and variation data for nuclear SNPs used in this study.
Date made available2017

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