Data from: Effects of age and reproductive status on individual foraging site fidelity in a long-lived marine predator

  • Stephen C. Votier (Creator)
  • Annette L. Fayet (Creator)
  • Stuart Bearhop (Creator)
  • Thomas W. Bodey (Creator)
  • Bethany L. Clark (Creator)
  • William James Grecian (UNIVERSITY OF GLASGOW) (Creator)
  • Tim Guilford (Creator)
  • Keith C. Hamer (Creator)
  • Jana W. E. Jeglinski (Creator)
  • Greg Morgan (Creator)
  • Ewan Wakefield (Creator)
  • Samantha C. Patrick (Creator)



Latitude and longitude of gannets tracked with GPS loggers. Data are split by group (breeder, failed breeder and immature), as well as sex and year.
Date made available20 Jun 2017

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