Complete Genome Sequence of Cluster J Mycobacteriophage Superphikiman (datase)


Date made available2022
PublisherNCBI GenBank
  • Crowdsourcing biocuration: the Community Assessment of Community Annotation with Ontologies (CACAO)

    Ramsey, J., McIntosh, B., Renfro, D., Aleksander, SA., LaBonte, S., Ross, C., Zweifel, AE., Liles, N., Farrar, S., Gill, JJ., Erill, I., Ades, S., Berardini, TZ., Bennet, JA., Brady, S., Britton, R., Carbon, S., Caruso, SM., Clements, D., Dalia, R., & 28 othersDefelice, M., Doyle, EL., Friedberg, I., Gurney, S. M. R., Hughes, L., Johnson, A., Kowalski, JM., Li, D., Lovering, RC., Mans, TL., McCarthy, F., Moore, SD., Murphy, R., Paustian, TD., Perdue, S., Peterson, CN., Prüß, BM., Saha, MS., Sheehy, RR., Tansey, JT., Temple, L., Thorman, AW., Trevino, S., Vollmer, AC., Walbot, R., Willey, J., Siegele, DA. & Hu, JC., 28 Oct 2021, In: PLoS Computational Biology. 17, 10, 13 p., e1009463.

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