Cenozoic clumped isotope temperature record from the deep North Atlantic

  • Anna Nele Meckler (Contributor)
  • Philip F Sexton (Contributor)
  • Alison Piasecki (Contributor)
  • Thomas Jan Leutert (Contributor)
  • Johanna Marquardt (Contributor)
  • Martin Ziegler (Contributor)
  • Tobias Agterhuis (Contributor)
  • Lucas Joost Lourens (Contributor)
  • James William Buchanan Rae (Contributor)
  • James Stewart Barnet (Contributor)
  • Aradhna Tripati (Contributor)
  • Stefano M. Bernasconi (Contributor)



This dataset contains clumped isotope (D47), d18O and d13C data from benthic foraminifera from four IODP sites from the Newfoundland margin. The D47 data were used to reconstruct deep ocean temperature across the Cenozoic era. The reported data were generated at ETH Zürich and the University of Bergen between 2015 and 2020. Data for this study were mostly obtained from core catcher samples, with an average time resolution of 1.2 million years. For each sample, 13-45 replicate measurements were performed on different species of benthic foraminifera. Data in this dataset are sample-averaged isotope and temperature data. In addition, replicate-level raw data including standard data for correction are stored at Earthchem (doi:10.26022/IEDA/112213) to allow for reprocessing of the data.
Date made available2022
Geospatial polygon40.34982, -51.64999, 41.425, -49.169745

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