Bowdoin Glacier input files HiDEM

  • Joe Todd (Creator)
  • Jan Åström (Creator)
  • Doug I Benn (Creator)



This dataset contains the input files for HiDEM simulations presented in the article "Numerical modelling shows increased fracturing due to melt-undercutting prior to major calving at Bowdoin Glacier", ECH van Dongen, JA Åström, G Jouvet, J Todd, DI Benn, M Funk, Frontiers in Earth Sciences.

GeometryControl.dat contains the input geometry. Andrea Walter conducted the UAV survey for surface elevation data. Izumi Asaji and Shin Sugiyama provided bed elevation data.

inpHiDEM.dat contains the values of model parameters.

The code of HiDEM is available on
Date made available2 Jun 2020

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