"Antibiotics under our feet" Public Engagement Project (dataset)

  • Rebecca Mary Cornwell (Creator)
  • Clarissa Melo Czekster (Creator)
  • Caroline McDonald (Creator)
  • Donna Read (Creator)
  • Sandra Brandie (Creator)
  • Bekki Gorgon (Creator)
  • Rebecca Hay (Creator)
  • Sara Saeed (Creator)
  • Samiul Karim (Creator)
  • Daria Ionescu (Creator)
  • Mia Kennedy (Creator)
  • Sarah Harper (Creator)
  • Rol-J Williams (Creator)
  • Eva Elisabeth Stueeken (Creator)



The attached data files are from the analysis of soil samples collected during the University of St Andrews "Antibiotics under our feet" public engagement activity in the form of a citizen science project funded by a ScotPEN Wellcome Engagement Award to Clarissa Melo Czekster, University of St Andrews.

The following files types and formats are included:
- Soil sample data ID, collection date and location and associated environmental data in .xlsx format (Excel spreadsheet);
- Quantitative results from heavy metal analysis of soil samples in .xlsx format (Excel spreadsheet);
- Raw sequence files; text-based format for representing nucleotide or amino acid sequence with quality data: .fastq (zipped, can be opened with a text editor);
- Interactive Krona plot of DNA sequencing results in .html format.

More details on the software required are provided in the Readme.txt file.
This work was supported by a ScotPEN Wellcome Engagement Award: Phase 1 [grant number 1-SBS0-XCW045]
Date made available30 Jan 2023
PublisherUniversity of St Andrews

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