Angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy of delafossite metals (thesis data)



This folder contains the data underpinning all the experimental plots in the thesis "Angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy of delafossite metals." If you would like to use the data, please get in touch at [email protected].
All the data contained in the Figure X.YY are stored in a file named FigXpYY.txt. If the Figure contains multiple datasets, they are named FigXpYY_i, for the i-th data set. The data which appear on multiple figures in the thesis are included only once, and named after the first figure in which they appear. All the data are stored in IGOR Text format, and can be directly loaded in IGOR Pro with correct axis scaling. The appropriate scaling for use with other software is provided below each data set in the individual files. For example," X SetScale/P x -20, 0.5 ,"deg", Fig1_1" means the first data point in data set called Fig1_1 has the X value of -20, the difference between adjacent points is 0.5, and the units on the axis are deg. Comparing the data in the files with the figures in the thesis, their labels and captions, should provide enough information to uniquely identify the data sets. In a few cases this may be non-trivial; for those additional explanation is provided in ReadMe.xls.
Date made availableJun 2021
PublisherUniversity of St Andrews


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