African savanna raptors show evidence of widespread population collapse and a growing dependence on protected areas

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This folder contains two R files, as follows. 'NEE - Raptor road count analyses' - used to analyse data from four raptor road transect surveys, in West, Central, East and southern Africa. Details of the datafiles loaded in these analyses are given in 'File details.csv'. This also describes the level at which the data are stored in each file, .e.g. in 'Sp x Size x Period.csv', 1 case (or row) = 1 species in 1 size group in 1 period. 'Format and analyse SABAP2 data' - extensively reformats SABAP2 atlas data for a given species, then models the relationship between the species' reporting rate and survey year. Species data files may be downloaded from: Each downloaded file is automatically labelled with a SABAP2 species code number, e.g. '142' for Martial Eagle. Prefix this with an appropriate 4-digit abbreviation taken from 'Lookups.csv', e.g. 'MAEA'. The downloaded file is then loaded as 'MAEA142' in the R code provided. NB: 'Lookups.csv' provides a list of species codes, full names, plus body mass and generation length estimate.
Date made available2024

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