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Codes from the analyses on spatial patterns of tree mortality across Amazonian forests published in the article Esquivel-Muelbert et al. 2020
Date made available2020


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  • Tree mode of death and mortality risk factors across Amazon forests

    Esquivel-Muelbert, A., Phillips, O. L., Brienen, R. J. W., Fauset, S., Sullivan, M. J. P., Baker, T. R., Chao, K. J., Feldpausch, T. R., Gloor, E., Higuchi, N., Houwing-Duistermaat, J., Lloyd, J., Liu, H., Malhi, Y., Marimon, B., Marimon Junior, B. H., Monteagudo-Mendoza, A., Poorter, L., Silveira, M., Torre, E. V., & 30 othersDávila, E. A., del Aguila Pasquel, J., Almeida, E., Loayza, P. A., Andrade, A., Aragão, L. E. O. C., Araujo-Murakami, A., Arets, E., Arroyo, L., Aymard C, G. A., Baisie, M., Baraloto, C., Camargo, P. B., Barroso, J., Blanc, L., Bonal, D., Bongers, F., Boot, R., Brown, F., Burban, B., Camargo, J. L., Castro, W., Moscoso, V. C., Chave, J., Comiskey, J., Valverde, F. C., da Costa, A. L., Cardozo, N. D., Di Fiore, A. & Honorio Coronado, E., 9 Nov 2020, In: Nature Communications. 11, 11 p., 5515.

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