A characteristic optical variability timescale in astrophysical accretion disks

  • Colin J. Burke (Creator)
  • Yue Shen (Creator)
  • Omer Blaes (Creator)
  • Charles F. Gammie (Creator)
  • Keith Douglas Horne (Creator)
  • Yan-Fei Jiang (Creator)
  • Xin Liu (Creator)
  • Ian M. McHardy (Creator)
  • Christopher W. Morgan (Creator)
  • Simone Scaringi (Creator)
  • Qian Yang (Creator)



all.pdf: Full figure set showing timing analysis for each light curve in the initial sample (see caption of Fig. S5 for details).

lc_fullsample.csv: Light curve data for the initial sample. Each row corresponds to one object in the same order as Data S1. The columns are name (object used name), ra (right ascension), dec (declination), band (photometric band name), unit (flux unit), x (time; days), y (flux), yerr (1-sigma uncertainty on the flux). Note the time series data (x, y, yerr) are stored as arrays in the table entries. Negative values should be ignored. 
Date made available2021

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