Opinion given to the Chinese-language daily, Beijing News, on the Scottish independence referendum

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According to the referendum agreed to live in Scotland, UK citizens and EU citizens over 16 years of age are eligible to vote. Polish scholar living in Scotland Tomasz Kamusella are also eligible to vote. Experienced in Eastern Europe, he is very worried about the uncertain risks arising Scottish independence. Kamusella to Beijing News reporter, said, "Every one of the big political changes, with great uncertainty will also inevitably bring a period of instability, especially in such a region's population to 5,000,000 independence, many things may send entirely the wrong direction. "So he was very independent Scottish political parties to promote vigilance and concern.

In addition to this reason, Kamusella firmly opposed to independence, there is another reason. Once Scottish independence, he could not, like other British citizens living in Scotland as Scottish citizenship automatically. This is a paradox, he will be excluded from the country to vote for their own nationals outside. And people living paradox Kamusella, accounting for 5% of the total referendum turnout. This ratio was not much, but it can not be ignored.



Period24 Aug 2014

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Media contributions