Beyond The Abstracts: Developing a New Self-Access Learning Center

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In this 'Beyond The Abstracts' conversation I speak with Isobel Hook. In addition to being an experienced language instructor, Isobel is currently the Coordinator of the Self-Access Learning Center, also known as the i-Space, which is part of the International Education Center at Kyoto Notre Dame University in Japan.

In this conversation we explore the creation of the i-Space, how it was developed, learning materials, the impact of space and place, the role of collaboration and community, issues of gender, and current and future challenges with coordinating and evaluating a Self-Access Learning Center, including how to overcome resource limitations.
This conversation should be of particular interest to educational practitioners, anyone with an interest in autonomy, and in particular to current or prospective SALC coordinators.
Period14 Dec 2023

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Media contributions