‘Undiscovered’ Oil and Gas in the Arctic: Mapping and Probing Uncertainties

  • Marianne Pascale Bartels (Speaker)

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The COP24 conference has fleshed out the set of rules agreed in Paris in 2015, bringing with it a host of challenges and societal problems to be solved in the transition to a low-carbon future. While the direction of travel is largely a departure from fossil fuel economies, in some regions continued (and new) fossil fuel development is currently high on the agenda. One such region is the Arctic where climate change continues to reduce the sea ice cover and thickness on the Arctic Ocean1 and its adjacent seas. With the current situation of relatively little knowledge about Arctic oil and gas, expectations are high, in large part due to United States Geological Survey (USGS) estimates of undiscovered oil and gas in the region. Consequently, the prospect of exploring and extracting Arctic petroleum resources is high on the political agenda of various countries and represents a primary pull factor to the region. Although these estimates have often been perceived as certain or definite, they contain much uncertainty. In addition to mapping uncertainties, this project aims to explore the large contradiction between a growing awareness and understanding of climate change and associated impacts and the move to explore and exploit further fossil resources. Improved integration of different types of knowledge will place Arctic oil and gas in a more realistic position, and very possibly a less attractive one, as societal and political debate become more informed.
Period29 Jan 2020
Event titleArctic Frontiers 2020: Power of Knowledge
Event typeConference
LocationTromso, NorwayShow on map