Social Change, Climate Change Early Career Working Party (ESRC) (External organisation)

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    If there is to be any effective response to climate change, substantially new ways of living are urgently required. Forms of intervention based on theories of rational action, lifestyle choice and human behaviour are unlikely to catalyse entrenched habits and practices at the rate required to mitigate and adapt to climate change. In response, the social change, climate change working party aims to develop, debate and disseminate significantly new ways of conceptualising and promoting transitions in ordinary but environmentally significant routines like those of heating, cooling, washing, eating, lighting and moving around. For more information see this foldable printable brochure

    Working party members include PhD students dealing with topics of consumption, social theories of practice and environmental change and people involved in developing and implementing technologies, products and policies for climate change in government, NGOs and business. There may be a few spaces left for people keen to participate in future working parties. Contact Elizabeth Shove
    Held atSocial Change, Climate Change Early Career Working Party (ESRC), United Kingdom