Lingua Francas (Ser: The Age of Humans)

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Listen to this episode from The Age of Humans on Spotify. A Russian, an Italian and a Brit walk into a bar. What language do they speak? What language would they have spoken 500 years ago? What language are they most likely to speak in 2070? Lingua franca is where languages meet politics and power relations. In this episode, together with our guest Tomasz Kamusella,we will take a look into the history and the possible futures of the global lanscape of lingua francas - the languages that allow us to function as a global society. For those of you interested in these topics, you are kindly invited to read Tom's articles.
Period27 Feb 2021
Degree of RecognitionInternational


  • lingua francas
  • big languages
  • communication
  • interethnic communication
  • sociolinguistics