International Research Network: Modernity and the Welfare in Europe (External organisation)

  • Rossella Maria Riccobono (Participant)
  • Annalisa Volpone (Participant)
  • Valentino Baldi (Participant)

Activity: Membership typesMembership of research network


This Network aims to reassess the origin of the welfare state against a cultural, historical and scientific background. Contemporary growing interest on the wellbeing discourse, which can be articulated in terms of health, environment, social equality (ranging from civil rights and free education to affordable medical care) calls for further investigation on the subject. This project posits Modernism and its expressions
in arts (music, visual art, architecture) and literature (with particular attention to Italian, French and British literature) at the origin of an intense socio-cultural debate, which proved to be instrumental in the shift from private to state action, from philanthropy to welfare.
Held atInternational Research Network: Modernity and the Welfare in Europe, United Kingdom
Degree of RecognitionInternational


  • welfare, reform, early 20th century. modernisms, history, sciences