Antibiotics Under Our Feet Summer Teams Enterprise Programme (STEP) 2023

  • Rebecca Mary Cornwell (Organiser)
  • Ross, K. (Organiser)
  • Priyansha Agarwal (Contributor)
  • Catherine Mullner (Contributor)
  • Melo Czekster, C. (Organiser)
  • Shruti Narayanswamy (Organiser)

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The Summer Teams Enterprise Programme 2023 is an opportunity for undergraduate students to invest 7 weeks in participating in a fully-online skills development programme, where they will work on a real-life project designed and supported by University staff, gain virtual team-work experience in a group of diverse students, contribute to the University’s learning and teaching through working on impactful outputs, and get this experience listed on their HEAR transcript.

In 2023, the undergraduate students are editing articles on bacterial genera that were identified in the soil samples submitted by schools. This is a different approach from last year, which was based on results from a project conducted in England. Data on the impact of this editing is still being collected.
PeriodJun 2023Jul 2023
Degree of RecognitionInternational


  • Public engagement
  • Undergraduate teaching
  • Outreach
  • microbiology
  • Wikipedia
  • Antibiotics
  • citizen science
  • community research
  • primary schools